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Pot Belly Piglets

On October 26, 2017, Nancy our newest Pot Belly Pig addition, gave birth to 5 healthy baby pigs. We have 2 females and 3 males. The piglets are growing fast and are very healthy. On December 21, these babies will be ready to head to their new homes. Piglets will be $300 each, a deposit of $100 is required to hold a piglet. If you would like to visit the farm and see if a Pot Belly Pig would be a good addition to your family, give us a call and schedule a farm visit.

Pot Belly Pigs can make wonderful pets and companions. Pigs are very intelligent, because of their intelligence, pigs that are contained as FULL time house pets can be destructive as they try to find ways to entertain themselves. It is best to give them indoor and outdoor time. You should allow them a place in the yard that they can root around in, roll in the mud on hot days, bask in the sun and have the opportunity to explore. It is highly recommended that you spay or neuter your pet pig. Unaltered females can become quite moody and unaltered males can develop strong, foul odors. Altered pigs are generally very clean and do not have odors.

The biggest factor in owning a pot belly pig is being realistic with yourself in regards to the time and dedication that you will have for your new pet. Pigs are very social. They do not want to be alone in a cage. They can develop hurt feelings and are very sensitive. They can be trained to walk on a leash and do a variety of tricks. They are VERY food motivated. Pigs that are not trained, are left alone and are not socialized will develop bad habits and will be hard to control. If you put in time and effort to train your pig, you can have a very fun companion.

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